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Food Hygiene Policy


 As a manufacturer of olive and olive oil, us, Akdeniz Zeytin ve Zeytinyağı LTD, our policy is to; always adhere to laws and regulations, best practice of hygiene conditions and enhancing our capacity to serve our customers.

That is why we always consider the following;

   Best quality of resources and inputs

   To ensure inputs are always in line with laws and regulations

   Being up to date with the recent technological advances and look forward to implement them in our management policy

   Adhere with our code of conduct

   Work with approved suppliers

   Ensure that our employees are provided with sufficient PCD (Professional Continues Development) opportunities 


In this regard we promise to adhere and perform the above mentioned policies as agreed and in line with ISO 22000 Food Safety Management Systems

  Arda Tüccar         


Call :0392 22 82 623

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